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May 22, 2016

I am planning to buy below USB Ethernet adapter driver for my Macbook Air.

I have Thunderbolt to Ethernet cable from Apple but I use Thunderbolt port for HDMI cable. So all I left is USB port for Ethernet.

Although product says it is Mac compatible but especially I want to ask before purchasing because I have read there are some driver issues with other third party USB Ethernet adapters.

Do you recommend this kind of third party USB Ethernet adapters?

P.S. I have WIFI available but I do not find it reliable.



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Apr 21, 2015
TP Link is pretty well known, I doubt you will run into an issue... but if you did.. it helps that they indicate that it is "Mac Compatible".. as that will mean either they have a support team to address issues between their products and the macs they will be used with... or it will mean you will have a very easy RMA process should it not work for some reason.
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