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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by AlsoKnownAs, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Jun 21, 2010

    I usually have my MacBook Pro connected to a usb hub which has two hard drives, a printer and an iPhone charging cable attached to it. This USB hub has the option to be externally powered, I usually just have it draw power from my MacBook but today I needed some more power to hook up a bus powered external hard drive. Immediatly after hooking the power up to the usb hub my MacBook turned off and rebooted, shortly after that I noticed a burn smell coming from the usb hub. I quickly disconnected the USB cable from my MacBook but the damage had already been done, my MacBook Pro no longer recognizes any USB devices I connect. I have tried resetting PRAM and SNC and even reinstalled Mountain Lion, nothing has worked. It seems like the USB ports have been fried.

    I'm almost certain the logic board needs to be replaced, and since my warranty expired 3-4 weeks ago that would cost me at least €500-600 plus losing my computer for a week or so. But since this machine cost €1170 a year ago I'm leaning towards taking my losses and just buying a new computer and selling my MacBook Pro as a machine without working USB ports hoping I can get a couple hundred for it. Now before I make a rash decision I just wanted to ask if there was any advice from the Apple community.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Tobias Funke

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    I think the issue should be taken up with the USB hub manufacturer.

    See what they say.
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    What USB hub were you using? Did it come with a power source? If not, what power source did you use? I learned the hard way that just because the plug fit the hole didn't mean it was the right voltage.
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    +1 to your signature

    .....carry on
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    You're posting prices in euros so I figure that means you're in the EU somewhere. Don't you have 2 years of warranty, even without Applecare? Or is that only in a few countries, not the whole EU?
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    Apr 15, 2012
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    Figured I'd post the outcome for those interested. I decided to bring it to the local Apple reseller where one of the employees in charge with repairs was quick to tell me that the logic board would indeed have to be replaced. Total cost for the repair would be over €1100 so not an option. I decided to keep the MacBook Pro and buy an AirPort extreme and use the USB port on that to access my files, which so far is working quite well. Not the ideal solution but at least I won't have to pay for a new laptop.

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