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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by d-m-a-x, Jan 22, 2014.

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    My bluetooth keyboard/mouse is shared with the nMP and the MBP. On the nMP i turn blietooth off and sleep the machine, then turn MBP blutooth on and use that set up for less cpu heavy tasks, email etc.

    I have a wacom intuos 3 and a numeric keypad (both usb2), and neither wakes the nMP which is funny because the bluetooth keyboard does when connected. Am i missing something? Workaround, or needs to by a new wacom?


    power/wake button on the tb display would have been nice, or put the power button at the front of the nMP. Maybe there are air hand gesture / jumping jacks. Hmm maybe buy the trackpad...
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    Dec 22, 2013
    There definitely some bugs going on with Mavericks with sleep/wake and USB devices. On my nMP (8 core D700) I actually had to disable sleep entirely. I found if I wasn't actively working on it (say I left it to render), it would eventually sleep the drives and screen then reboot, and go into a bizarre "I can't see half the hardware" mode which required a hard reboot. Then I got a sleep/wake error report. This happened every single time it went to sleep.

    I have read of similar problems since Mavericks was installed on other macs (mostly rMBPs) so I think it's software related. In the meantime, I had to shut off all the checkboxes in power saving and the screen off to "never", so I can walk away and actually have it continue to work without rebooting.

    This isn't a big deal, because I can still shut my main display off at the power switch, and I turn the whole computer off when not being used anyway; the start up time cold is under a min.
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    Same problem USB and Sleep Mavericks/NMP 6,1

    I have similar problems. System does not always wake fully from sleep.

    I am using a standard Apple USB full size keyboard and every now and then it does not wake the system up.
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    Yeah, i've notcied sometimes the hard drive does not show up. Maybe it is the non-mobile form factor, had the same problem with the G4 and the 1,1

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