USB stick to ipad?

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    I heard someone on the Film Junk podcast (Iron Man 3 episode) talk about an iPad keyboard or keyboard case that allowed you to plug a USB flash drive and read the files from it.
    Is this possible?
    Which keyboard were they talking about?
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    Sep 27, 2012
    I dont know about a wired keyboard but I have a Bluetooth Keyboard connected to my iPad Mini and it works great. I have the Amazon Basics Keyboard and it connects almost instantly when I turn it on and hit shift.

    The only way I have heard that you can get a USB stick to work on a iPad is to Jailbreak, use a powered USB hub, and use a Lightning to USB (Camera Connection kit for older devices) connector to hook everything up. You might also run into power problems because the power that the iPad uses to read USB devices has been lowered.

    IMO not worth the hassle and better to just email documents, or put them in Google Drive (5GB free) or a similar service.
  3. Favabean macrumors newbie

    May 18, 2013
    It is totally possible

    There are already products that support this.

    The most renowned accessory is perhaps iflashdrive, it can directly connect to you apple mobile device through its connector.

    The second kind is wireless storage devices. You can connect to then like connecting to a wifi hotspot. Here is a summary of such devices .

    A third kind that I know of is the iusbport, which can be connect to any external storage that you have, and share their content over wifi from iusbport itself.

    Do notice that you are required to install necessary apps on your device to access files on external drives.

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