Usb tv tuner card for Mac osx?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by waloshin, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Usb tv tuner card for Mac osx?



    I am looking for something simular to this that will allow me to watch tv on my macbook connected to a monitor.
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    Check out EyeTV for Mac TV products.

    Keep in mind, there is no current Mac product that can use CableCard. This means that on most cable tv systems, you won't be able to watch anything other than limited basic (your cable company may have different terminology). Limited basic is typically the local OTA stations, some shopping channels, the weather channel, and local access.

    If you have a cable box already, then the EyeTV HD will do the trick, but it needs to be connected to the cable box. But your cable box is probably connected to a TV already, so there's limited usefulness in your situation.

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    Also keep in mind that El Gato has a complete monopoly over the Mac tv tuner market. So much so that while you can buy a tv tuner card or dongle that works on windows for as little a $25, the cheapest El Gato tv tuner is $100.

    I don't like them as a company. I owned an entry-level EyeTV dongle at one point, and upgraded to a Plextor box that was sold by someone else with windows software, but was also sold by El Gato so I knew the EyeTV software was compatible with it. The software refused to work with the hardware, and when I asked El Gato tech support, they told me that the software that came with the old EyeTV, though technically capable of working with the Plextor box, was licensed only to work with the one El Gato dongle it was shipped with. I'd have to buy the exact same software again for $79. I told them where to stick their dongles and downloaded some freeware to run the Plextor box in VMWare under windows. And I hate windows.
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    Try the Elgato Hybrid or the Hauppage WinTV-HVR 950Q.
    The Elgato is $150 while the Hauppage is around $80.

    The Elgato comes with the EyeTV software which normally costs around $80. I originally bought the the Elgato Hybrid and realized the Hauppage is essentially the same hardware (USB stick), but comes with a nifty little antenna for $70 less. So I returned the Elgato and was able to use my previous installation of EyeTV flawlessly with the Hauppage. The real cool thing about the EyeTV software is that you could have your Mac plugged in at home attached to your home cable and can stream TV to your iPhone, iPad, iPod over local Wifi or using 3g etc.. Works great. You can change channels, or even play previously recorded episodes.
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    A monopoly, sure, but not a complete one. However, EyeTV is by far and away the best TV software I have used on any platform for ease of use.

    Alternatives for Mac - Miglia fell out with Elgato and now uses the Tube software, which also works with Pinnacle and Elgato/Hauppauge devices among others.
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    Sorry to rejuvenate an old thread. I'm looking to do the same, but in an Asian city. The TV is in the living room. There's no cable coming in to my room, that's out of question.

    So, question: is there a product that would allow me to somehow do this via wifi?
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