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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Domino8282, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Apr 22, 2010
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    I've used MacRumors as a resource for years, but just finally registered on the site so I could ask this question. Please don't bash me too hard for noobishness,... I'm guessing this might be a no-brainer, but I'm very curious.

    My wife is a librarian at an elementary school and part of her job involves inventory. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a wireless barcode scanner, so she has to carry our 13" MacBook around the library hooked up to the USB barcode scanner. Plus since we share a laptop, some days when I'm using it she has to use a USB extension cord to inventory to her desktop! Not ideal...

    My question is: Do you think Apple will ever allow devs access to the USB interface of the camera kit for purposes such as this? The software for performing the inventory is very simple - for example, on her laptop she just scans each book, which creates a text file including every item. She can then import this text file to the catalog software on her primary office desktop which handles the rest.

    Any thoughts on this particular application? I've mentioned the possibility of using the iPhone for this since it has a camera and barcode software already exists, but the problem is that scanning a barcode with RedLaser, for example, is much more tedious and prone to error than her gun-style USB scanner... Nonetheless, if anyone knows of a good app for this on iPhone that would allow her to scan the books quickly/easily and export as a .txt file, that'd be great!

    Thanks! :apple:
  2. mizvalorie macrumors regular

    Mar 22, 2010
    I have ibookshelf on my iPhone. I scanned my whole library into it and every book came up. It's pretty fast on 3g network and only about 3 bucks if I remember correctly. She might want to give that a rtry.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Sorry but I doubt this would ever happen. Unless the scanner was specifically made for the ipad and connector to the ipad connector not the USB. They severely restricted the USB port use.. Even restricted what you can copy over in the SD card

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