USB Wi-Fi adapter for Mac?


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Nov 29, 2005
Hi, I'm posting this for a friend.
She has a 17" iMac G5, about 2 years old (first model I thnk) And it doesn't have Airport.
Are there any good USB Wi-Fi adapters out there? She bought a D-Link one today for £30 and it was crap. It was slow and kept cutting out.

Any help or advice much apreciated.



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Aug 30, 2006
Belkin and Netgear are the next two companies that spring to mind. I'd have a look over at - they're good for checking compatability.

Someone else will have to answer this, but doesn't the original iMac have an airport extreme card? Because if it does, those are still available and not too expensive.



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Jan 8, 2006
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To get the best savings on establishing wireless connectivity for an iMac G5 Rev. A model... it would be purchasing an Apple Airport Extreme Card. The cost is only $39 USD. The cost of an USB wireless adapter is $40-50 depending on the model. The D-Link USB adapters work on Mac and the Belkin USB adapters Version 2 work on Macs. Linksys doesn't make them for Mac and they won't work. The disadvantage to using the D-Link or the Belkin is the fact that you have to run 3rd party software on your Mac. It will be vis ible under system preference. The iMac's aren't like the Powermacs where adding a PCI card would make the machine work wirelessly simple and clean. The best bet for your money would be an Airport extreme card. Saves you money, no need for 3rd party software, and the wireless internet connection will remain consistent.

Using USB adapters, the connection will drop from time to time. You can search Ebay to find Mac compatible USB adapters, but again, your sacrificing the clean look of built-in wireless. When I had a D-Link adapter, I would have to keep system preference open the whole time to keep my connection working. If i exited that program, the wireless turned off. You can find people selling airport extreme cards in the marketplace in these forums for $35 USD SHIPPED and even $25 USD. Keep an eye out for them here, or go to the refurbished Mac section in the Applestore. They are cheap.
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