usb wifi recomendations for osx

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Anarchy99, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Dec 13, 2003
    recomend a usb wifi that works with osx and can be hacked to use a external antenna and perferably able to use active or passive mode in Kismac so i guess thats the Prism2 chipset
    thats a lot of requests but give me the best ideas you can thanks
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    Dec 13, 2003
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    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    There are some really good reasons that your getting crickets in response to this. I would head over to sites dedicated to WiFi, lie (a great place to start) and for war driving and packet cracking.

    There are only two modes to use a transceiver, in active or passive mode. Suggesting that you want to use it in passive mode with Kismac (a tool I highly recommend) is suspicious to most. [EDIT- Actualy, you coupled with the thread you started [url]How Do I change my Mac Address[/URL] you are very suspect. I would go elseware to find info. Besides, you didn't change your Mac add before you asked the question.

    I use a number of wi-fi tools, and Kismac is one of my favorite. There are few legitimate uses for having a second wifi system set up in passive or active mode.

    Just think about what your doing and think about the consequences of what your actions might be to others.

    Preaching done. I would look at Hawking technologies, as well as devices that use Lucent designed chipsets/cards. I don't know if there is an injection driver for the Hawking tecs device yet, but if your looking to prove that your more than a tinie script kitty, write your own. If your really into this, do your own research. I know the info is on the Internet.

    Hawkingtech offers a nice little portable external wifi router (HWL2A) (with high-gain antenna) that will double as a wifi locator (looks a little like a StarTrek tricorder).

    For non invasive passive scanning, I would look to iStumbler or MacStumbler. As far as I know they can't save or scour individual packet dumps, unlike Kismac. iStumbler has a widget interface now (cool) and I think iStumbler has better resolution. Technicly, if your running a second 802.11.x transciever, you should use these tools, as it is easyer to remain more ethical.

    You now have to learn a lot about command line, if you really want to use the neat tools. (I am hopeing this is all about learning, and not about you actking like a ars) I wouldn't just down load code, compile and run it if you really don't know what your doing. If you can't at least script your own apps in a VHLL, then you don't know what your doing. Do some research and be nice to noobs when you nolonger are one.

    Please don't be an ars with the tools or information you gain. I preach that people should provide free access to their Internet when they can, so violating others trust by cracking their security and/or hacking their computer is just stupid. It violates the Social Contract, as well as a number of laws.

    Beside, if you get caught by somebody else who knows how to use the tools better than you... well I hope it happens to any malicious ars. At worst, somebody traces back your signal and uses a directional antenna to fry your wifi system, or computer.

    For anybody reading this, it should be a reminder to use hard encryption on any sensitive materials on your computer, to use strong randomly generated passwords. (Look Here for a free OSX app that does just that., the OSX fire wall, and don't be too paranoid and think that the world is out to get you.

    Have fun! Getting caught by the numbers police or the FCC really sucks!!!!!!, but getting caught by somebody that previously trusted you is even worse.

    [EDIT]Perhaps somebody should lock or delete this thread?
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    Dec 13, 2003
    my last topic was a unrelated one that was for changing my g5's MAC
    it could be for a learning experience but for now i wouldn't call this a learning experience because im just looking because my sister asked me to search around she is hardly Mac literate but needed a Mac for university and she asked for a wireless card with an antenna for her old imac
    the rest of the request was my own because i might need that for my g5 or my ibook with airport extreme eventually and since im looking anyway i might as well check everything

    why lock or delete the thread it was a perfectly legal and legitimate question(s)

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