Use a GarageBand song in iMovie?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Mjmar, Mar 11, 2011.

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    I like to make slideshows with my own music, and this was a big feature that I was hoping apple would implement into the software. I dont have my iPad 2 yet, but I do have GarageBand on my old iPad. From what I can see, there's no way to make a song in GarageBand and save it to the iPad to use in iMovie on the iPad. Does anybody know if this will be possible?
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    Hopefully an answer

    The only way I have found involves a computer and iTunes...

    1) From the iPad GarageBand "My Songs" screen click the export button and choose "Send to iTunes" and "As AAC"
    2) Sync your iPad and go into the Apps section of the device and, at the bottom, find the Documents section. Click GarageBand and save the track (an .m4a document).
    3) Import the saved track into iTunes
    4) Sync the iPad again (making sure your track is set to sync - I have such a large library that I don't sync everything).
    5) Open iMovie from the iPad and you will now see your track in the songs list.

    This is completely asinine - I should be able to use a freshly created track immediately in iMovie - hopefully someone will have a better answer or Apple will fix the issue.


    Update: iMovie allows you to "share" a project with your camera roll which allows you to stream it to Apple TV or simply play it on the iPad. No reason they couldn't "share" a garageband track with the music library.
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    Wait for a jailbreak so you can save the file in gb and then copy it over into iMovie music library via iFile.

    Is one able to save a gb file as aac directly onto the device? Or is it some kind of gb extension until it's synced
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    Feb 4, 2010
    I was very disappointed that this was not possible. I hope Apple fixes this. This is the same problem I had with the iWork apps. I tried different work arounds I have used for other files, but the M4a file does not open into the iPod app. Anyone that wants to use the iPad as a stand alone device for creating media are going to be disappointed.
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    Apr 4, 2011
    So annoying!

    This is so irritating. I hope there is an update soon.
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    I think that with iOS 5.0 we will be able to work with stuff on the iPad easier, for example a center with all of the stuff you have (movies, songs, pdf, powerpoint/keynote presentations, word/pages docs,, numers/excel docs)
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    This is one of the most compelling arguments I have yet seen for an iPad file system (or at least a Documents folder)

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