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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Natesac, Feb 9, 2011.

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    I normally do not use a password lock on my iPhone because its a bit annoying. But from time to time I like to use it if I am leaving my phone laying around at friends house or while out with friends at a bar, my buddies really like to grab my phone and leave me new Facebook status updates while I'm in the bathroom.......

    Here's my idea, I noticed in activator there is an action of flipping the mute switch twice that can activate something.

    Is there a JB app that will allow me to use this action to quickly password lock the phone? Perhaps an app that uses some other type of lock method other than numbers?

    It would really just need to be an app that will have some sort of system wide lock that is activated just by opening the app, that way the Activator action of flipping my mute switch a few times will lock my phone.
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    That's a good idea, I hope there is something like that!
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    I'm not sure about the whole mute switch business, but Androidlock XT is a really good tweak from Cydia. It's paid but there are repos where you can get it for free. There's a grid of nine squares where you slide your finger in whatever pattern you want. Kinda neat! It's also easily enabled/disabled by going into Settings>Androidlock XT>On/Off. A lot easier than the regular lock! Also, with the regular numbered lock, you have to slide the slider, and then enter your code. With ALXT, you just swipe across the boxes in the right direction and you're in. Pretty slick stuff.
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    Support the devs, capone
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    I use LockdownPro and its SBToggle.

    You can lock individual apps, (Facebook, SMS) or lock them all.

    This works well against "normal" people. Problem is putting the phone into safe mode disables the locking mechanism. Only the default Apple passcode lock will keep running even in safe mode.

    Although my phone never leaves my pocket, unless I'm texting. If someone wants to "see" my phone, I swipe the top, and enable the lock. Still allows them to play games but locks out any app that contains personal information.
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    This could be a workable solution to my problem. But I would still like to try my idea if there is an app that locks on launch.

    Some kind of app that would enable the built in lock with a pre set password would be nice

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