Use Apple Music w/ out Match?

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    So, I'm thinking of starting my 3 month trial but I'm just worried iTunes match will mess up my organization of my library (especially if I end up cancelling the service after 3 months).

    Is it possible to use Apple Music as just a streaming service and cancel the matching aspect?

    Or will iTunes match really not mess anything up and I'm just worrying for nothing? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Tech198, Apr 29, 2016
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    You don't need both, unless u want your matched songs to have DRM.

    I use Apple music only. I tried both services together, but iTunes match doesn't seem to match well enough.

    i.e My take is... iTunes Match can match more songs more accurately from the iTunes Store, on its own, but has major issues when using with Apple music as well.

    The deal I reckon here is the reason why it doesn't match as effective when *both* are used, is because Apple music only looks at tags only.. instead of scanning songs like Match does... However, i think what tends to happen, is when both services are used, the tag scanning of Apple music takes prority over the way iTunes Match scans.... The result ? is bad matches.

    I tested this with quite a allot of songs, and could never get any of then to match even though they were in the iTunes Store.

    Apple insists this is not true, when i raised this to them, but i clearly see a difference in matching accurately when both AM and match are used, or just match on its own, is much better.
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    Do you mean the matching function that is integrated in Apple Music, or the actual iTunes Match service? If the former, then no, it is not possible to subscribe to Apple Music without the matching function. If you mean the actual iTunes Match, that's a separate service offering (and is unlikely to screw up your library if used on its own without having subscribed to Apple Music).

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