Use caution before using system bar button items!

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by johnnyjibbs, May 1, 2009.

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    I just thought I'd share with you something to avoid other people falling into the same trap (which not only wastes you time in getting your app submitted but also Apple, which delays other people's submission times).

    My app got rejected this morning for a nitpicking technicality. Basically, I used a UIToolbar with a UIBarButtonSystemItemAction style to bring up an options modal, rather than a UIActionSheet giving the same options. My rejection was based on the idea that it could confuse end users who may be expecting an action sheet, but I thought it was a little bit towards the thin edge of a wedge... They pointed me towards the interface guidelines (which, incidentally, don't explicitly state that your app will be rejected for apparently not using them in the right circumstance) and suggested designing a custom icon.

    Luckily I got the email on my iPhone this morning before heading to work - the solution was to change the action button to a sligtly less elegant "Options" button, resubmit and it's back in the queue.

    FWIW it took them 4 days to review it and they showed me screenshots of the offending items. I'm not annoyed, just hoping someone else doesn't fall into the same trap. At least I know that my app has not fallen on any other hurdles and so hopefully will pass time next time.

    Also of interest, the email was sent at 6:15am UK time, which is 10:15pm Pacific time - nice to know they are working late on our behalf!! And the US has no bank holiday on Monday, right? :)
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    Basically Apple will reject any application that doesn't use it's default icons/buttons the way they are used in the operating system. It's stupid cause even though a user might expect an actionsheet, that specific icon doesn't tie to actionsheets. People aren't as stupid as Apple thinks...>_<
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    Actually Apple can reject any application that doesn't adhere to the HIG (section 3.3.5) but based on many of the apps that are in the App Store, this isn't an exact science.

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