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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Andrew83Ga, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Andrew83Ga macrumors regular

    Sep 27, 2009
    Hello everyone,

    My question is pretty straightforward, I have an iPhone 4 and a MBP, I *want* an iPad. I figure games would be cooler and Id actually watch movies on it with much better clarity than the iPhone and much easier portability than the MBP. So this is definitely a toy and not a necessity but it'd be a Xmas gift so I'm not out any $.

    Can anyone justify it? Are games that much better on the bigger screen? Movies that much nicer on the eyes? Any other perks I may be missing?

  2. elpmas macrumors 68000


    Sep 9, 2009
    Where the fresh snow don't go.
    How I see the iPad is being the middle man between the iPhone and the Mac. The Mac is portable, yes, but the iPad is more portable. The iPhone is just the perfect size for your hands (this may vary), but over time...let's say 1hr, your eyes begin to tire...with the iPad, it'll be more like having an ultra portable Mac :p. I see the iPad more of a toy than anything :)

    This is just my 2 cents.
  3. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    Yes, movies and games are definitely easier to see and play on the iPad -- I'm never playing Angry Birds on the iPhone! :D

    As for other uses, well, calendar, books, magazines, web browsing, email -- there just isn't much that isn't better with a bigger screen. Only thing that the iPhone has over the iPad, IMO, is that (1) it's a phone, and (2) you can use it with one hand. Oh, and (2a) it fits in your pocket. So if I want to listen to music while doing the laundry or walking down the street, then I use the iPhone. If I can't find a seat on the subway, then I use the iPhone. If I need to quickly set the timer, or quick check the weather, I use the iPhone. If I'm doing serious typing, I use my iMac. For most other things, I use the iPad. It's by far the most used device in my lineup.

    Of course, everyone's preference is different, but for me, the iPad is the most useful device I own.
  4. oiuh151 macrumors 6502

    May 18, 2011
    MacBook: When you're at a desk and need the full desktop experience.
    iPad: When you want to lounge and relax away from a desk.
    iPhone: When you're out and want to be as mobile as possible.

    Those are my uses. I'd say I like to use my iPad the most.
  5. arkitect macrumors 603


    Sep 5, 2005
    Bath, United Kingdom
  6. Escher2112 macrumors member

    Jul 25, 2011
    The iPad is a content consumption device. I owned two (yes two) of the first generation, purchased, then sold over a matter of months - simply because I could not "fit" them into my lifestyle... I couldn't determine what they were best used for. At the time, I had a Macbook Unibody (2008 model) my 17" MBP, and an iPhone 4... So, I had all the bases covered and didn't have a place where the iPad "fit"...

    So, after discussing it with the wife, and debating upgrading the aging 2008 MB, we decided to get the iPad 2 since we don't really need two laptops as one of us is usually just surfing or doing other content consumption...

    I have a lot of games for the iPad, but don't like to game on it... it works great for it, but for some reason I just don't do it much. I tend to use it for video streaming, email, social networking, general surfing... Its much easier than the 17" MBP for quick general tasks... But any time I want to do something where I'm *creating* content, I grab the laptop.

    The iPad is an interesting device in that, if you have a need for its form factor and utility set, its perfect... if you don't, and try to shoehorn it in somewhere, you will likely be disappointed since it does NOT replace a laptop, especially for content creation. Its great for short emails and the like, but don't plan to write your next great novel on it...
  7. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    You sure wouldn't want to write your entire novel on it, but if an idea for the next chapter comes to you while you are riding in the train or sitting at a cafe, you can whip it out and hammer out a rough draft.

    Then there was the time we were coordinating our boss' trip to Japan, and finalizing some details with our contact in Japan, and time zones being what they are, this needed to be done while we were at a nice restaurant trying to have dinner. Discreetly tapping away on my iPad in between courses got the job done. Probably could have done it with an iPhone, but the bigger screen on the iPad made it easier to view calendar and other relevant documents. Whipping out a laptop would have caused a scene.

    So no, it doesn't replace a laptop, but it does come in handy quite often, at least in my life.
  8. Escher2112 macrumors member

    Jul 25, 2011
    I agree - its definitely usable for writing, and I use it for note taking and the like during meetings. Your example is perfect for how the iPad can be the go to device because of its form factor...

    All in all I think you really need to try an iPad for an extended period of time to see how it fits in your workflow and daily routine. They hold their value very well, so you are only risking a small mount (maybe $50-100 depending on model) if you decide to resell it.

    If you can afford it and are not adverse to reselling, I recommend getting one and working with it for a while.
  9. Q-Dog macrumors 6502


    Sep 9, 2007
    If I had an iPhone and a laptop I would have no use for the iPad. That said, my 3G iPad is my connection to the world when I am away from home and my main internet device when I am home.
  10. IllIllIll macrumors 6502a

    Oct 2, 2011
    How can anyone justify an iPad for you when none of us actually know you personally? Only you can determine that.
  11. youngplaya0228 macrumors regular

    Jan 16, 2008
    Another huge plus is the battery life. My laptop would be lucky to make it 5 hours of light use, while my iPad 2 lasts the whole day. Really helpful for things like trips and going to class, since you aren't plug-hunting all the time.

    Still think a Desktop/iPad combination is the best combo.
  12. Lindenhurst macrumors 6502a

    Aug 24, 2011
    I also have an iPhone 4 , a Macbook Pro 13 as well as an iMac 27. Had an iPad 2 that I just returned to Sams Club under their 90 day no questions asked returns policy. Had an iPad 1 since the inception, and upgraded to iPad 2, but ever since I got my macbook Pro 13, I hardly use the iPad. Never thought I would be without an iPad, but I realized that I have too many gadgets and got rid of the iPad.
    Do I miss it????? Nope. Did I love it???? Absolutely...
    If the iPad 3 is a "real" upgrade, then maybe I'll consider it, but I just kind of got bored with the Ipad2. Still a huge Apple fan though.


    Not stuck at a desk at all with Macbook...
  13. youngplaya0228 macrumors regular

    Jan 16, 2008
    Yeah, definitely understand this mentality, though. Love my iPad (as most people do), but if push came to shove: it'll be the first thing to go.
  14. porcupine8 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 2, 2011
    I honestly would go without a laptop before my iPad, assuming I had desktops at home and work (I don't, my work computer is a PowerBook...). And I don't have an iPhone or any smartphone. The iPad is generally far more useful than a laptop for me, and the few things I can't do on it I'd rather do on a desktop.
  15. darngooddesign macrumors G3

    Jul 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    He described how he wants to use it.
  16. silverblack macrumors 68030


    Nov 27, 2007
    I don't think you can use words like "essential" and "necessity" to describe any tablets when you have a computer.

    Likewise, one can argue that smart phones also fall under this category. I mean, if work requires that you are connected 24/7, they would have provided you the device already.

    It's all about convenience, and enjoyment, like your TV, and balancing that with your wallet.
  17. Hamburger macrumors regular

    Oct 31, 2011
    Back to the iPad

    I rediscovered my iPad1 two or three weeks ago. My favourite newspaper now has a nice iPad app for their e-paper subscription. The Facebook app is great, and another social network I frequently visit also has a decent mobile version for the iPad.
    These three things swung it in favour of the iPad. My other setup ist a MBA 11" late 2010, hooked up at home to a 24" ACD. Reading the paper is much nicer on the iPad (I work in one city and live in another, so a regular print subscription doesn't work for me), and I can type fairly well on it as well. I tried the MBA on its own again today, and its just not as convenient for websurfing and reading the paper on the couch.
    If i could make a choice now, I would go for the base 21" iMac and the iPad as my preferred combo. I am not a heavy user.

    The iPhone is strictly for on the road - music, taking pix and, yes, making phone calls - nothing else.
  18. joshuaginter macrumors regular

    May 19, 2011
    Agreed, save for one minor detail. That desktop should be a laptop hooked up to an external desktop monitor.

    For me, if you have the money, a MBP, or MBA if it fulfills your needs, plus a Thunderbolt Display and an iPad would fulfill any task possible.

    Throw an iPhone in there and, while having a Macgasm, you would have the best of every mobile computing world.
  19. ktbubster macrumors 6502a


    Jan 20, 2007
    That's what I have save thunderbolt display. Perfect set up. :)
  20. Jennifer79 macrumors newbie


    Nov 22, 2011
    iPads are great for viewing and showing photographs as well.. very helpful if you're into photography!
  21. Hamburger macrumors regular

    Oct 31, 2011
    same here, as I said. plus iPhone 4S which recently replaced the 3GS. perfect combo
  22. AlaskaMoose, Nov 25, 2011
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    AlaskaMoose macrumors 65816

    Apr 26, 2008
    My wife, who never asks for anything related to computers or tables, asked for an iPad, so I ordered one from Apple lasts night. I asked her to think with one of the following she would prefer instead of the iPad: MacBook Air, or a brand new 13" MacBook Pro I bought. She used the MacBook Pro a few times, and looked at a MacBook Air at the store, but still chose the iPad 2.

    Her reasons were as follows, she said:

    "a. I already have a new iMac on my desk
    b. Both MacBooks are too heavy and difficult to hold-on to (slippery)
    c. While I can use Wi-Fi with both computers and also the iPad, I can't have 3G service with the computers."

    For a period of perhaps 30 days per year while visit her parents, she plans to use 3G service to check her mail and things like that. Her parents have no idea how to set-up a wireless (Wi-Fi) network at their home, nor do they want to, so my wife will use 3G instead.

    I do use the MacBook when sitting in the living room or away from my computer on the desk, but in reality I could do the same with the iPad since the heavy work is done with the iMac on my desk. That said, I don't plan to buy an iPad for myself.

    By the way, I have already dropped my MacBook from the sofa. Luckily it has dropped on a soft carpet. The MacBook is as sleek as buffalo snout, so I have to pay more attention :)

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