Use IDVD and ffmpegX - to Convert Itunes downloaded music

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    Feb 16, 2006
    3 Simple Steps

    Convert Itunes Protected Music

    U need IDVD 5 , This hasnt been tested with Idvd 6,
    and u also need ffmpegX

    Step 1 -

    Open IDVD

    click the slideshow button

    double click the slideshow in the menu

    Drag a song you downloaded from Itunes to the audio box ( bottom right)
    next to return button

    ---U can drag the song from itunes to the box---

    make sure the slide duration is set to fit audio

    with photoshop make a black picture 720X480 - or you can just us any picture

    Add picture to the slideshow just by dragging it to the window - or file -import - image.

    Go to File - save as disk image - save it to folder, name it the song name.

    Proccess Takes only 30sec to a min !

    Step 2-

    **From your folder **
    Open the disk image by double clicking it, Open videoTS folder

    Copy VTS_01_1.VOB to a new folder - I called the folder convert.

    Step 3

    open ffmpegX

    click open - locate VTS_01_1.VOB in your folder ,Open it
    Under open
    click save as . . save it as song name.mp3 ---to a folder

    under the summery Tab
    under target format on the right ,click the arrow next 2 TO - select movie Audio to mp3

    select the audio tab - located under the open and save as buttons
    ... change sample rate to 44.100

    Click encode --
    takes about 1-2 mins

    when its done add the file to itunes

    YOU DO NEED TO ADD ALL THE TAG INFO ... thats easy just have the song back to back with the protected one and copy the info .

    this takes i would say 2-4 mins - 4 mins is the max . depending on how fast you are ... you could prob automate the whole thing using automator , I havent gotten that far .

    this is just good if you don't want to Wast a cd for one song .
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    Feb 16, 2006
    u can use imovie hd

    yes also you can use imovie hd to convert it to a .mov file
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    You'll also lose sound quality by reencoding to an MP3.

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