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Discussion in 'iMac' started by jasper.vdl, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Apr 11, 2017

    I am a complete macnoob that is trying to understand the logic in the Mac-connectors world.
    Here is the case:
    I received an older Imac (not sure which type) that still functions correctly but sometimes blocks when in use. I'd like to use it just as a monitor, basically a tv-screen.
    Therefor I need to input an hdmi (from the tv decoder) or vga (from my laptop).

    Firstly, will this work? Can such an imac easily be used as a 'dumb' screen?

    Secondly, I bought what seemed to me a matching piece that fits within the Imac (thunderbolt) to hdmi female.
    Put turns out it's not a perfect match, the port in this imac turns out to be something slightly different then thunderbolt.

    So I figured it might be the mini displayport that is on this imac?
    In that case I just need to buy this cable:

    Any hints on this one?


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    While the older aluminum/silver iMacs had mini-display port, the even earlier white/plastic iMacs had mini-DVI and do not support targeted display mode. The OP's pic looks like one of the white iMacs and the display jack looks like mini-DVI.
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    Correct. That is NOT mini-DisplayPort. It is mini-DVI on the iMac.

    That's why the adapter does not fit. This is mini-DVI:


    That iMac can't work as a monitor anyway. Even if you bought the right adapter, all you would be able do is to attach a second monitor.

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