Use iPhone4 as camcorder on vacations

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hdsalinas, Jun 14, 2011.

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    In a few days my carrier will deliver me my first iphone.

    In about a month I am going out on vacation with the family and would like to know how good is the iphone 4 as a "camcorder" to record our 2 week vacation in florida?

    Assuming I have an empty 16Gb iphone, how much video can I record on it and how is the video quality compared to a Flip video Camera.

    For photos I will be using my Canon DSLR.
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    It's damn good. It's always my go to video camera on vacations since it's always on me and the 720p video is quite good. Just remember not to pan in any direction too fast as it uses a rolling shutter CMOS sensor and your shots will start to stretch if you do. Couple that with the iMovie or Vimeo app and you can edit and post the video before your even home.

    Here's a YouTube sample from one of my vacations to the in-laws. While it is compressed in the sample the original video is much cleaner. Most of the impromptu shots I've wanted to get were without any other camcorder around. Keep your edited shots to 3-6 seconds (unless their is action of course) to keep from boring those watching the final edited piece. Note: the mic is actually quite clear and records pretty good audio (much better than my older Sony Handycam).

    Video quality is slightly lower than the Flip mino HD if you really nit pick. Most people wouldn't be able to tell. The iP4 has the advantage of an LED for close shots in low lighting.

    As far as file size, it comes to about 4.75GB/hr or 80MB/min. With the 16GB (with OS it's more like 14GBish) you can put a little over 3.5hrs of video on it with no apps/music, etc.
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    it's ok IMO it's ok for some stuff but at the end of the day a cell phone does not replace even a decent Camera or Camcorder. the biggest problem the iphone faces is no optical zoom. I bought a point and shoot with 35X optical zoom I use that as my main camera and camcorder now. iphone is quick and easy. however the camera gets my money shots. A Iphone simply can't do this.

    Video I shot at the concert

    Disturbed at Rock on the Range


    Or this shot I took several 1000+ feet from the stage at Rock on the Range. I know it's shaky I couldn't use a tripod. plus there was tons of people jumping and dancing..


    video I shot at the concert

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