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    hi. some time ago, i made a video that contained about 10 groups of dancers. the video was just going to run as a single file but then i heard about chapter markers and thought it might come in handy for someone who wanted to play it on their dvd player. the problem is that it appears that for each chapter, the words "Chapter One", "Chapter Two" etc. shows up. Is there some way of having chapter markers but withOUT having the words show up?

    thank you.
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    You need a much more detailed description here. I use FCP X chapter markers all the time. In the final render, they only show up when someone wants to see them- so they can select a different chapter than the one playing now.

    It sounds like the words you chose for the names of chapters (or maybe just "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", etc) are on screen at all times while your video plays back. Is that right? Or maybe they just flash when the chapter changes?

    Or maybe you are wanting chapter breaks without chapter names at all? I haven't tried this but I would guess that you can put in chapter markers without names and it would work. However, some hardware might be set up to substitute a generic "Chapter 1", etc if there is no text in a chapter name.

    There's a lot of possibilities because of lack of detail. Could it be that your DVD player is set to always display chapters. For example, did you name your chapters "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", etc or are they named something else? If the latter, something else in the chain is ignoring the chapter names you chose and showing generic chapter names. Maybe the player itself? If you put a movie DVD into that same player, does it show chapter names all of the time too?

    How did you get from FCP X video to a DVD? iDVD? Some other DVD-making software? Have you used that software to make other DVDs before? Did it not show "Chapter 1" etc?

    Are the Chapter breaks where you set them? For example, if you use the Chapter option on your DVD player to hop on to Chapter 2, Chapter 3, etc, are they where you put them or do they seem to be set at similar intervals? This might imply that your Chapter markers did not make it to the final output (DVD) and the player is just inventing some breaks per some generic number of minutes.

    Would you happen to have Quicktime, Handbrake or Subler? Open the file in one of them. In Subler, click the "chapter" track to display your list of chapters. Are they named whatever you named them or are they listed as "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", etc? Open the file in Handbrake (Source) and then click the "Chapters" tag. Do you see your (chosen) chapter names or just "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2" etc. Maybe there are no chapters showing in either Subler or Handbrake? If so, there is no Chapter track (and your DVD player is probably just inventing some chapter breaks.

    In short, please describe exactly how you got from FCP X to a DVD (what software are you using?). Does the "Chapter 1" title show all of the time? On all DVD players? When you look at the file in Quicktime/Subler/Handbrake, does it show the Chapter names you chose or no Chapter names (or no Chapter track)?

    And note that FCP X "markers" and "chapter markers" are 2 different things (the latter has to be explicitly chosen in FCP X). The non-chapter version of markers is the default. Use them thinking they will pass through as Chapter markers and they will not (but it is easy to change non-chapter markers to chapter markers in FCP X).
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    you're right: my question is way too broad and i've got to go back and figure out why it happened. i'm up to my neck in a new project and i think i'll just skip the idea of using chapter markers to avoid the problem entirely.

    sorry for the lame question and thank you for clarifying the many details that i should have considered :)

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