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Mar 13, 2013

I have to make an presentation from keynote a place without wifi.

Can i use ATV 3 and Ipad to make the presentation without wifi and internet?
If I have to have network, can i use airport express just without internet connection? Or any other?

Does anyone have a good idea how to do it, without internet and wifi??

Thank you for your help and time

Michael Egsgaard


macrumors member
Feb 23, 2013
You don't need an internet connection for AppleTV to work.

What kind of ipad you have?

Try to activate Personal Hotspot on your ipad, then connect you ATV to it. If it doesn;t work, then you need an access point. Airport express would be just fine.


Jul 18, 2011
Ipad hotspot could work in theory, but I find the range isn't that fantastic, and there can be quite a bit of lag when mirroring larger files.

If you simply need to move back and forth between slides, something as basic as the keynote remote app for iphone could work as well.

Atv+router could also work, but requires a bit more time to set up. This is clearly the best and most versatile solution, but also assumes you have time to prepare all this prior to the presentation. I have my own tp-link portable 3g router for this very purpose. :)
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