Use REAL video clips to create awesome beatbox loops with this new iPhone app

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    Feb 7, 2011
    With BEATbox - REAL Human Beatboxing! you use REAL video clips to create awesome beatbox loops - you haven't seen this before!

    The download is FREE until 10th February 2011, so you can test it without any risk (but lots of fun). Watch this YouTube video to see how it works:

    Have fun! :)


    - Tap anywhere on the face to make one beat after another
    - Play the loop as a real video sequence
    - Change the length of each part separately
    - Change the speed of the whole loop
    - Tap on a part to go there
    - Double tap on a part to delete it
    - Move back and forward
    - Insert parts or overwrite existing
    - Rotate your iPhone to watch the loop in fullscreen

    Customer reviews:

    "Three Stooges Funny! - A little glitchy but very funny." (*****) by MIDIme

    "Very funny - Nice app for some good lols" (****) by The doodle master

    "Funny - Funniest app ever must get it" (*****) by The cacaman

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