Use Sony Bravia TV as second display for iMac 27" (Late 2009)


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Nov 29, 2009
Need some advice I believe I need a mini display port to hdmi (female) to do this, but I keep reading on apple support forums and amazon reviews that audio can not be passed through mini display to hdmi. I really need video AND audio, If you have a system that currently works for you please let me know also please tell me what version of OSX you are running I hear that is a factor of rather audio will pass through or not also your generation of mac.

Nov 28, 2010
Only 2010 Macs with MDP do support audio via MDP.
You need the bolded adapter:

Mini DisplayPort (MDP)
Mini DisplayPort is the current digital standard on all current Macs to transfer video to an external display or TV. It has been introduced in 10/2008 with the release of the Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pros and has gradually been adopted on all other Macs.
MDP is capable of transmitting video, and since 2010, audio too. MDP is a miniaturised version of DisplayPort. It is also license free and can support resolutions of up to 2560 x 1600, which Mini DVI and Micro DVI are not able to do.
MDP adapters can be bought online from:
MDP to VGA adapter from Apple
MDP to DVI adapter from Apple
MDP to Dual-Link-DVI adapter from Apple

Moshi Mini DP to HDMI Adapter with Audio Support adapter from the Apple Online Store

Mini DisplayPort + USB to Dual-Link DVI adapter from Monoprice
Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter from Monoprice
Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter from Monoprice
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter from Monoprice - *NOTE* This product does NOT support audio for Macs that outputs audio through the Mini DisplayPort.
Mini Displayport Male and USB Male/Toslink Audio to HDMI Female Converting adapter from Monoprice
Mini Displayport Male and USB Male Audio to HDMI Female Converting adapter from Monoprice - *NOTE* Will only support 2 channel stereo. Will not support 5.1 Dolby Surround like the above adapter.

Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Cables from Monoprice
Mini DisplayPort to VGA Cables from Monoprice
Mini DisplayPort to DVI Cables from Monoprice
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cables from Monoprice

Also of interest: "What is "Mini DisplayPort"? Is it an industry-standard? How is it different from or better than Mini-DVI and Micro-DVI?"


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May 12, 2010
I have a late 2009 mini that I use as an HTPC, so it should have the same audio and video output support as your iMac of the same vintage. I use the adapter at the link below which plugs into a USB port, the MDP and the 3.5mm audio out. The audio is digital optical (all macs of this vintage support optical out through the 3.5mm port). The box takes the optical signal from the MDP, the audio from the 3.5mm port and combines them into a single HDMI connection (the USB is for power). The picture quality is fine (40" @ 1808p), and the sound is great (through my 5.1 speakers). The only annoying feature is that it has a red LED on it that comes on whenever it is active, but by carefully positioning it, I can't see the LED from the sofa. I don't think sound-over-MDP came in until the early/mid 2010 models, so you probably can't use a simple MDP-HDMI adaptor for both video and sound.

I note the amazon reviews are pretty negative, but bear in mind most people, if they buy a simple adaptor like this, are unlikely to write a review if it works as advertised. I have certainly had none of the problems the reviewers have reported.


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Sep 1, 2007
You can a display port adapter to HDMI (and an HDMI cable). This will carry only video from your particular MBP. Then you also need a 3.5 mini to stereo RCA (available at radio shack or on-line for cheap) and you get your stereo out and video. It's very simple and I've done the same thing with my 2009 MBP to sony Bravia. There is one set of input ports on the TV that allow you to marry an HDMI video signal with a separate audio source. You don't need a special adapter. Just two standard ones.