Use VPN connection only for certain applications?

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    I've got a VPN connection from Ipredator. I've noticed that, after setting it up and enabling it, Internet seems to be somewhat slow…

    Ipredator is a PPTP VPN. That means, that after enabling it (see attached screenshots for the way I set it up), every network traffic goes over this VPN link.

    Well, I'd rather have it so, that only "certain" applications use this VPN connection.

    Can this somehow be done? Sadly, Ipredator doesn't seem to offer a SOCKS proxy.


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    No, not really. The whole point of VPN is to connect to a network that you are not physically connected to. The only way to not use it, is to not be connected to it.

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    darn. Not quite what I'd like to hear… :eek:

    Well, in the network settings, there's a checkbox "Send all traffic over VPN connection". If it's not enabled, it seems like traffic doesn't go over it. Or is this a misinterpretation?

    If not — wouldn't it maybe be possible to have SOCKS5 capable program locally, which routes every traffic it receives over the VPN?

    I mean, after all, if you check out the "ifconfig" output (attached…), there's now a new interface ppp0 to be found:

    ppp0: flags=8051<UP,POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1444
    	inet --> netmask 0xff000000 
    So, basically, all that would be required, would be to have an app which routes traffic over a certain interface.

    Could this be done?

    Thanks again,.

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