Used Bootcamp to Activate XP... Now I have to again in VMWare?


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Apr 15, 2004
So I installed boot camp and then XP SP2 whatever. Had to Activate Windows to download all the windows updates. Everything is great. So I go back to OSX, and run VMWare with my BootCamp Partition. Everything works and is great but now windows tells me that I have 3 days to Activate Windows again because too much of my hardware is changed. Now I understand why this is doing this... however, did you have this problem? And if I Activate again in VMWare, whenever I reboot back into Bootcamp XP, will I have to Activate again?


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Jul 6, 2007
I just went through the same thing. If you are out of machine registrations, when you try to activate it in Fusion, it won't let you. Chose the phone option. You'll go through some automated procedure asking you some questions. I said that I installed XP on one machine (actually 2) and that I had a repair done. Its a robot asking you and you just say yes or no. Then, viola!, you can activate it again. When you go back into BootCamp, you'll have to activate it again, but you won't have to do the phone thing again (your Bootcamp machine will be in their system).

Just make sure you say 'yes' when they ask you about new parts or repairs or something like that because new hardware=/=new machine, so they still have to license it to you. I don't know the legality of it...

Also, my friend had the same problem and he just called MS and told them that he was trying to get BootCamp working and they just gave him a new key. He said they didn't care at all (I imagine they get so many of those calls a day).


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Jun 7, 2007
Follow the instructions on have to install VMWare tools before activating windows when you first start it up, otherwise, next time you boot into windows, you'll have to activate again.


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Oct 31, 2006
But, there is a way so you can switch between how you boot the partition (either vmware or boot camp), and if done right, it won't ask for activating forever? I thought I followed the instructions right, but never got mine to work really.