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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Chocolatemilty, Feb 20, 2014.

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    So, after class tonight, one of my graduate student colleagues let me know he was selling his immaculate 32gb iPad mini since he just purchased an iPad Air. He had noticed when I sold my original iPad and copped an iPad mini back in Nov. 2012, and he did the same after I sang its praises. So, when I asked him how much, he told me a price that almost made me say "REALLY? BUT WHY?!" - $150. Yes, an immaculate, invisible shield and case-protected 32gb iPad mini, just $150. Needless to say, I immediately said I wanted it and now my sister will be buying it. It just struck me as very odd that he priced it that low. I was prepared for up to $300 for it. I know the initial thought is "something's wrong with it," but I just saw and used it last week to help sync up a document we're working on for class via Pages for him, and it's as clean, smooth, and fast as it was when he first showed it to me. I guess it goes to show you that friendships with folks can net bigger dividends than we realize.
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    I always give my last iPad to a well deserving friend. Always makes you feel good.
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    Can I be your friend? :rolleyes:
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    As long as you are not well deserving :p.
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    Even if the real "street price" is around $300, many people don't want to deal with the hassles of Ebay, Criagslist, etc., and would rather see the device put to good use, like you said your sister will buy it and use it. :apple:

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