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    Quick question,

    Before I uninstalled some Apps I checked Disk Utility to make note of current used space (88GB). After uninstalling about 18GB of Apps using AppCleaner and deleting the contents of the Trash, Disk Utility still says I'm using 88GB of storage.

    What gives, am I missing something? :rolleyes:
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    Did you restart your Mac?

    Also, regarding AppCleaner, if you elect to use such apps, be aware that in most cases, app removal software doesn't do a thorough job of finding and removing files/folders related to deleted apps. For more information, read this and this. If you just want to delete the app, drag the .app file to the trash. No other software needed. If you want to completely remove all associated files/folders, no removal apps will do the job.
    The most effective method for complete app removal is manual deletion:
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    If you have Time Machine on, that is normal. When you delete files they are placed in a hidden local backups area that is managed by the OS. Disk Utility includes this space in the free space calculation, but if you look in Finder it will not include this local backups space. Give this a read.

    If you click the Apple at the top left then About this Mac then More info then Storage you will see a colored bar listing how your disk space is used. There will be a purple section labelled Backups that shows how much hidden space is used by these local backups.

    You can just ignore it as the OS will erase the Backups files when the disk gets 80% full and you need the space.

    If it is bothering you, you can turn Time Machine off then back on and the space will be erased.


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