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    Oct 12, 2012
    Because I saw a lot of questions on applications that "deserve" installed, retrieve the list below.
    Anyone know an app / tweak from cydia that "deserve" it asked him to post here: name + a short description (+ source)

    1. SBSettings - Quick access to setting iPhoneOS
    2. Cydelete - Delete downloaded directly from the homescreen applications from Cydia!
    3. BiteSMS - Answer / Write Fast SMS
    4. iFile - A file explorer
    5. dTunes - if you download a file (*. mp3, *. mp4) you can find in the application dTunes
    6. iBlueNova - Blooetooth option with any phone
    7. Lockdown Pro - Set Password on Application
    8. iShakeLock - Lock your phone by shaking
    9. AnyRing - Set your ringtone from any application "iPod"
    10. MxTube - Download your favorite YouTube Vidoclipuriile directly in your iDevice'ul
    11. Insomnia - Keep Wi-fi lit even if the display is off Device'ul
    12. Winterboard - gives you the option to set themes on your Device'ul
    13. Installous - to be used at your own risk.
    14.Android Lock - Unlock your phone using a secret sign
    15.Shrink - Gives you the option to shrink the icons on Home-Screen
    16.SBRotator - Home-Screen Rotate
    17.iPod Controls - Control iPod function of the phone directly from the volume buttons
    18.Fiveicondock - Put 5 applications in the Dock
    19.Wheathericon - Weather that is set will show grades directly on the application icon
    20.FontSwap - Change standard writing any want YOU!
    21.MobileTheather - Watch your favorite serials them directly from your iDevice'ul
    22.Makeitmine - WRITE WHAT YOU WANT TO NAME INSTEAD network operator
    23.ReadMore - to be used at your own risk
    24.SafariDownload Plugin - Add application "Safari" function Download
    25.DisplayRecorder - Become display
    26.iBlacklist - Add a kind of "IGNORE LIST" phone numbers
    27.Pop-Up Blocker - Blocks annoying pop-ups
    28.HomePage safari - set own HOMEPAGE IN SAFARI
    29.FullScreen Safari - Add full screen option in Safari
    30.FEATURES - Add Features such as Multi-Tasking and Battery Percentage on iPhone 3G!

    A list of the most popular sources for Cydia tweak which can be found above sites:

    Official AppTapp:
    Ste Packaging:
    Big Boss http://apptapp.thebi...les/installer4/
    Rip Dev
    Theme It App:
    Ultrasn0w for iPhone 3G/3GS in Cydia
    Purplesn0w for iPhone 3G/3GS in Cydia

    You can find this on too. Have a good day!
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    Only 2 tweaks I can't live without: NCSettings and SwipeSelection.

    SwipeSelection is so stupidly good that I don't know why Apple doesn't implement it.
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    Oct 12, 2012
    Sincerly, i saw a super tweak, but i can`t instll it without payment... You should wach on youtube, and you will see that is a SUPER TWEAK: cydia intelliscreenx it's a super tweak !
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