user friend request is agreed and request deleted but request comes back

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by patent10021, Sep 14, 2015.

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    I have a Obj-C chat app and have an issue.

    Here's the current auth sequence.

    1. A user requests my auth to add them
    2. I click the green 'request agreed' button
    3. I click the x on their picture to get rid of them from the auth window since I agreed.
    4. The window is correctly blank because I've deleted those users I've agreed to.
    5. 30 minutes later the same person's pic comes back

    rinse and repeat.

    Why is their pic / request coming back even though I've already agreed?

    This doesn't seem like it would be a backend issue because the user is indeed already a chat partner since I've clicked agree. They are indeed now on my friend list. But their picture / request is coming back.
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    How (and where) are you determining the list of users requesting friendship?
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    Would need to see actual code to answer this question. There are several potential mistakes that can cause stuff like this. I would specifically need to see the code that loads the data to determine who shows up.
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    In addition to posting the code as AxoNeuron suggested, are you using a 3rd part API or some open source routines or maybe some sample code from a tutorial? If so, maybe post a link to the tools you're using.

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