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Narked Diver

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Apr 8, 2014

Is there a way to set up a folder on a drive connected to my Mac Mini so that only my wife can access it on our wifi network?

I know I can make the shared folder have Public access but I don't want anybody else who happens to be on the network have access it to it

I know with OS X server I can create a network user profile but at the moment I'm not entirely sure how I link that to the profile she already has on her Mac book pro

Thanks in advance for your help

Geeky Chimp

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Jun 3, 2015
You would just need to setup your wife with an account on the Mini and allow her access to the Shared Folder.

From your Wife's MacBook Pro in Finder goto Go - Connect to Server and type the name of your Mac Mini. Then when prompted enter the user account and password created on the Mini for your wife (You can set OS X to remember the password in the Keychain). If required you could also drag the volume onto the Dock to Auto-Mount it.

If you wanted to restrict File Sharing to specific networks (or IPs / IP Ranges) under File Sharing you can set the permissions to allow only specific users and only allow specific networks.

Hope that helps.


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Aug 27, 2015
on the land line mr. smith.

And the account for her on the Mini could be exactly the same....user name and password. So there is nothing else to learn/remember. You just have to know/understand that (even if the credentials are the same), when she connects, she is putting the credentials for the server account.....not the account on her local machine.

Once you wrap your brain around that.....pretty easy.

This often gets new file server users cuz when the connect to server box pops up it pre-populates the user name for the local account they are logged into on the machine they are using.....not the account on the server they want to connect to.

Make sense?
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