Users complaining my app doesn't work properly in iOS10

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by nottooshabby, Nov 5, 2016.

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    I have had 2 reports from users of my apps that it doesn't work properly in iOS10(and 10.1). I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 10.1 and my apps work fine for me. I have had users delete the app and reinstall it, but it still doesn't resolve the problem. I am running 10.1 on my iPhone 7 and have not installed any beta software and I am also running the app store version of my app. The users are both complaining that some of the text fields do not activate when a switch is turned on. In one case I have the same device, with the same operating system and do not see the problem that he does. My only thought is there is some setting he has on his device enabled that I do not. Any idea how to track down a problem such as this? Is there a way to get a report of all configuration the user has for his phone?
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    Are you testing the version downloaded straight from Apple's App store after deleting any test versions from your device?
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    Few comments.

    Deleting an app and reinstalling it doesn't necessarily delete all of the app data from the device. The user may need to delete the app, reboot the device, then reinstall. This is a feature and not a bug. Also, keychain data and data in the cloud may persist for longer than a reboot.

    Obviously, I would inspect the code related to the switch and the text field to determine what might cause the issue the user's report. Could outlets and actions not be setup correctly? Or some kind of bad logic.

    Look in for the entry for your app. Are there any settings there that might somehow be related to this?

    Could dynamic type be related to this? That's configured in under Accessibility > Larger Text.
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    Thanks for the tip on the delete and restart. Didn't know about that. Yes, I am using the same version on the app store. I'll ask the users having the problem to try that. I think the code is okay since it worked fine on iOS 8 and iOS9. Setting the larger type didn't seem to cause a problem.
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    I recently had an issue like this where I was adding the selector to the switch via code and had it fire during the TouchUpInside event. Since I always tap the switches, this worked fine for me but if you actually slide the switches it doesn't use TouchUpInside. When I changed the selector to be fired during ValueChanged, it started to work for both events.

    Good luck!
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    This was exactly my problem. I meant to update this post. I ended up sending a video of me using the app to one of the users having a problem. He noticed I touched the switches instead of sliding them. Once he pointed that out, I realized I had used the Touch Up Inside event instead of value changed. If I slide across the switches, the actions do not work correctly. This also explains the occasional review where people mention that app doesn't seem to work correctly.
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    Just a note for the future: Consider hiring a third party to test your app & updates before they hit the App Store. This will be extremely beneficial to you because, like your users, the third party can only see the end product - not how you got there.

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