Uses for an Xserve in a Windows environment

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    My IT firm has a client who is transitioning from HP desktops to iMacs. The entire network is currently handled through Active Directory and Exchange. All of this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, and because of their needs, all of the iMacs will be running Windows in some shape or form. The more tech-savvy users will be running Mac OS X with Windows in a virtual machine, while the more "technically-challenged" users will be using straight-up Boot Camp.

    The client has decided to purchase an Xserve along with the new iMacs, but we're not sure exactly what we should be doing with it. I know Xserves are very powerful, and we would like to use it to as much of an extent as possible within the environment. What are some of the things we can set it up to do for us, and what duties does it make sense to have it perform in an otherwise Windows-based environment?

    Thanks very much.
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    I'm no OS X Server bod, but off the top of my head, some basics that are cross platform...

    File Sharing
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    Im also no expert on it either. among other things, you could use it to set mac-specific permissions to the users using the macs or an internal wiki (not sure of the nature of your clients business). Id suggest you Watch the apple video on integrating mac OS X into an active directory environment. It has things towards the end about how you could use the Xserve. It seems like it would be useful to you.

    It is on the website. You have to create a login name but then it is available as a stream.

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