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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Apple all life, May 28, 2009.

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    My airport extreme is in my baasement and I am on the second floor. I also have an airport express, now if I use the airport extreme as the base station, and the airport express as a boost to my network so I have better connection? I have a 2.4ghz macbook, if using the airport express I then cant use the N network right? And will it still be faster connecting both the airports even though it is on the G network?
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    Just try it out.
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    I'm assuming that your Airport Extreme is 802.11N and your Airport Express is 802.11G. If so, then you're correct. You won't be able to extend the 802.11N signal. Only the b/g signal.

    So if your main base station is in the basement, then putting an extender on the first floor will help you get a better signal on the second floor. If your internet is slow due to connection quality, then yes, your internet speed will increase, even if the total throughput of your network slightly decreases. Best option would be to sell your 802.11G airport express on eBay, and pick up a new 802.11N express on ebay. Won't cost you that much of a net loss in the end. Then you can have an 802.11N signal extended throughout the house!

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