Using 2013 rMBP with Non- ACD Monitors?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by MattSepeta, Apr 8, 2014.

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    I have owned and used the 27" ACD and 27" ATD very happily, but I am now looking to get a monitor for my home rather than just having them at the office.

    Knowing that a new 4K monitor is coming in the upcoming years, rather than spending $1K on a soon to be obsolute ATD I am going to try to get a Monoprice, Dell, or cheap korean monitor to bide my time.

    Question 1: I see that some of the monitors like the Dell have downstream USB ports, is utilizing these as a "docking hub" for printer, etc as easy as connecting a bi-directional USB cable from rMBP to the upstream USB port on the monitor to get access to the other downstream ports on the monitor?

    Question 2: Does anyone have any preference or recommendations for a <$500 2560x1440 27" or 30" monitor? I have seen a few Dell U2711 on Craigslist for around $300, is this a decent price or should I be wary of buying an older model?

    Thanks for any recommendations or experiences!
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    My kids Mac Mini uses a dell monitor and it has no problems with the USB connections. It works well and I've not run into issues using the USB ports on the monitor.

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