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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by MoodyM, Jul 22, 2015.

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    For the first time, I used Apple Watch to track an outdoor run AND ran with my phone in hand, Nike+ app tracking run too.

    Aside from the fact there's a big difference in distance (Nike+ 8.33km to Apple Watch Workout's 8.93km), I noticed something I haven't seen before:

    When I check in the Activity app on my iPhone, there are 2 workouts listed for today - a 675 calorie outdoor run with the Nike+ icon next to it and a 564 calorie outdoor run with the Workout logo next to it.

    Whilst I'm glad to see it hasn't counted both of them in my Move calorie count (it's at 864 calories total for the whole day), I'm wondering 2 things:

    1) Why are there 2 separate workouts listed for the same run?

    2) Which one (Nike+ or Workout) has been used to contribute towards the day's total Move calorie burn?
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    Oct 26, 2012
    Workout App will always be recorded...
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    As acctman said, the workout app will always be recorded in the Health app. You can also import data from third party apps that have the ability to share with Health. If you open the Health app and then go to Fitness > Walking and Running, select Show All Data to see a list of all your data points and where they came from. You should see a Nike+ logo next to the data imported from that app. If you disable importing data from the Nike+ app you should not get the double entries, but only your workout app will contribute to the Activity app.

    I have recorded bicycle rides with both the workout app and Runtastic. Runtastic does not actually have the ability to share with the Health app, but it does capture some information about my ride that the Apple workout app does not... like elevation gained for example.

    You might need to calibrate to get the Apple workout app to record things more accurately. For cycling I get pretty similar results between Workout and Runtastic, but I also wear a Fitbit. When it comes to recording my steps, I seem to get about 20% more steps recorded by Fitbit. I have been meaning to re-calibrate the Apple software to see if that gets better. I'm not too concerned about precise stats though, as long as they are consistent enough to show me when I'm active and when I'm not. I don't train for competition... just for health. Still, it's nice to get credit for the mileage and steps as well as the time... so improved accuracy is nice.

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    May 29, 2015
    Do you see the nike + run in activity app? Do you use OS2?
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    You must be running iOS 9. Once iOS 9 and wOS 2 are GMed you should be able to 'scrap' the Workout App and just use Nike+ (or other 3ed party native :apple:Watch app) and get full credit on your Rings/Goals. It seems to be more of a placeholder now and 3ed party apps don't 'count' towards your goals.

    You will probably (or hopefully) set them up a little like in Health by arranging them in order of preference if you use more than one for an Activity.

    Here is a Garmin Activity via RunGap app.

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