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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by swingerofbirch, May 9, 2006.

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    I work from home for a national telecommunications company. Unfortunately, when I started I had to purchase a cheap PC because the company's software is Windows only.

    We use Citrix metaframe to access the applications we use. We access them from a web page that then launches the necessary applications.

    I recently learned that Citrix has metaframe software for the Mac. Does anyone know how I might be able to set up the software on my own to connect to my work applications? I have tried on my own....I am concerned about contacting the company to ask them because they don't take kindly to people asking questions.
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    Generally companies that use a web based version of Citrix have a specific version of the clients linked to on the screen. Often this is just to simplify connecting to the server. They might have done the work already. If not:

    Find the client you want here.

    Then you will need to modify some settings, like the IP, kind of network etc.

    You can do this either by editing a connection or by using one of the Citrix connection assistants. (I would get all the info from your PC Citrix connection.)

    • Add ICA Connection
      Type of connection, choose (likely LAN)
      Give the connection a name (Like "I_love_work")
      Select the network protocol (TCP/IP, or +HTTP, or what ever)
      Server Application (if any)
      Server Location for the application
      Encryption level, Default unless you know otherwise
      Session reliability, check
      User Name (you can leave blank), password (same)
      Domain (?)
      Colors and screen size (generally don't max out these settings until you have opened the applications. You can always resize the window.)

    If it doesn’t work, you can trouble shoot by context clicking on the server connection icon on you PC and on your Mac, and make sure that both contain the same info.

    • Connection
      -Network Protocol
      -Server Group
      -Address List (you may need to do some data entry here)
      -Firewalls (if used, make sure you have the proper gateway address. Port 443 is the generic port of Citrix I think)

      Default Options
      -Set it as you want, this really dosn't matter.

    Don't forget to turn off your local firewall until you get everything set up. Then leave open only the port(s) that Citrix Metaframe needs to have open. Your router may also have a firewall, or at least some form of port blocking. Make sure that it is off. If both you PC and Mac are using the same router and DSL/ADSL modem, then you shouldn't have to worry about the routers settings.

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