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    The Apple Music in my country has a really crappy library so I've decided to try and subscribe to the U.S. one. I've read on a couple of people doing this, but I'd just like to make sure.

    I intend to create a U.S. account and then do one of the following:
    • Buy a U.S. iTunes gift card and use the credit I have to subscribe,
    • or buy an Apple Music subscription gift card (3 months).

    Will either of the above work? If so, will I need to use a VPN or anything to access the music?
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    I believe you need a US billing address and US credit card attached to the iTunes account before it will accept the gift cards.

    from what I understand I don't believe you need VPN, the access to the stores and content is done via the iTunes account not geo blocks, which is why it works when your travelling.

    I would say that iTunes and Apple Music isn't designed to be used like that, the reason the catalogue is different is local rights in your country, so it is possible Apple might deactivate the account as your "faking" your country of residence.
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    It's possible to open a US iTunes account without a US credit card:

    And yes, you can redeem either iTunes or Apple Music gift cards and use the credit to subscribe to Apple Music.

    Apple does not use geoblocking, so no VPN or similar are needed to access your content. However, you need to keep the device/iTunes logged in to a US account, i.e. you cannot easily switch to a local account of a different country.
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    Thanks, you answered everything I was concerned about.

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