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    Jul 10, 2017

    since I switched to Mac, i really have problems with the Apple keyboard. I mean, its great for a short use, but for me, when I need to write something precise without many typos, I cant do it with that.

    So I tried my previous PC keyboard, a Ducky. Works fine, the only issue i have is that there is no EJECT key and when I want to lock my screen, it was that very nice and easy 3-key combo that i could use on Mac keyboard. But again , since there is no eject key on a non-apple keyboard, is there a way to make that work somehow ?

    When I googled, I read that F12 might work too, but it doesnt. Any other way to do it ?
    I would appreciate any help.
  2. kohlson macrumors 68000

    Apr 23, 2010
    Do you want the eject key to unmount a drive, or for something else? If you're trying to use a keyboard combination that can lock your screen, that can be configured in System Preferences.

    Note that more recent Mac keyboards, such as on the TB MBP, don't have dedicated eject keys.
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    Jul 10, 2017
    If you mean in Keyboard and shortcuts, I dont find that in any of the posted categories. Could you please advice me how to do that ? Thanks in advance.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    I agree that modern Apple keyboards are unusable. I haven't used an Apple keyboard with my desktops since the dawn of USB. I'm an old codger who learned to type on -manual- typewriters in the 1960's, and later worked on old teletype machines during my U.S. Army days.

    If the task you want to accomplish is accessible from the [basic] menu commands, you can use App Shortcuts in the "Shortcuts" pane (in the Keyboard pref pane) to create them.

    Note: you can't (as far as I know) create a shortcut from the second or third level of a hierarchal menu -- it has to be "the top level".

    If you really prefer "old-style" keyboards there's an outfit that sells an "IBM-style" mechanical key model with keytops designed for the Mac:
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    Apr 25, 2012
    I use a hot corner for this function. Set the security to lock on screensaver activation, then set a hot corner to activate the screensaver. Move the mouse to that corner, instant screensaver and will prompt for login when returning from screensaver. Hot corner setup is found on the Desktop & Screensaver section of System Preferences.
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    Aug 9, 2009
    descending into the Maelström
    As a follow-up to that, there are other ways to activate Screensavers.

    For example, there's an Automator action "Start Screen Saver". If you make a Service in Automator, add that one action, then bind the Service to a keystroke, presto (probably):
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    Jul 10, 2017
    Is that the same as CONTROL + SHIFT + EJECT ?
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    Apr 23, 2010
    Consider BetterTouchTool, which can be used to configure all sorts or nice actions - including a keystroke combination for sleep.
  9. NordmoleX, Jul 26, 2017
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    Jul 10, 2017
    I tried Better Touch Tool, but it didnt work. Set a Sequence which should actually lock the screen, but nothing happened. Tried it with 2 other combinations as well, doesnt work. Am I missing something ?
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    What keyboards are you guys using ? More the Apple Magic keyboard or are you using the very few Mac compatible (with the Icons on the keys) or just mechanical PC keyboards, and use tools like "BetterTouchTool" in order to have all the functionality like on a Mac keyboard ?

    I just wonder if its really necessary to use a Mac compatible keyboard, and even if its just for the keys with the Mac icons on it, or if any other will do as well. Considering one must get used to "remember" which key stands for what in MacOS.

    Please post what you guys are using. ;) Thank you.

    P.S: Got that working now with the "Lock Screen" and BTT. ;) Thanks.

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