Using a wireless Linksys router as an access point

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Bobdude161, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Ok here's what I'm doing.

    Linksys BEFSR4 wired router connected to cable modem
    Linksys WRT54G wireless router connected to BEFSR41

    I put the ethernet cable from the BEFSR4 into one of the the WRT54G's LAN ports. The WRT54G automatically configures itself to work like an access point and gives me wireless internet. Problem is, it's acting like a router and blocking ports that I had open on my BEFSR4, so certain programs that need open ports cannot work properly. So I tried to figure out the WRT54G's IP number by typing all the obvious ones: (gives me BEFSR41 config or course) and,,, all gave no response. DHCP table on the BEFSR41 doesn't list the WRT54G. My old Belkin F5D7230-4 had an option of easily making it into an access point, but the WRT54G is quite cumbersome.

    Any ideas on how to properly make this WRT54G an access point without screwing up open ports/basic internet function or know it's IP number at it's current state?
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    This is in the wrong area but here goes.

    • Reset the router back to its factory defaults by holding down the button in the back of the unit for 1.5 minutes.
    • Unplug all the network cables from the other router going into this unit.
    • Plug a cable from this unit into your laptop/desktop and log into the web interface.

    .:: Note ::.
    Setup any security settings you want the router to have right now because you might not be able to access it as easily once you keep going. Don't be afraid though because you can always follow this tutorial again and it will wipe out all settings.

    • Find the option for "act as a DHCP server" and disable / turn that option off.
    • Be sure you allowed the wireless router to reboot once after making this change, you will not get a connection to the router once it reboots.
    • Unplug both ends of the cable that you just connected to your computer and the wireless router.
    • Plug one end of a cable into the network and the other end into one of the network jacks on the wireless router. (a network jack is where you would normally attach a computer to the wireless router)
    • Congrats, its a wireless router.

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