using Airport Express to connect to pc with ethernet

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    I hope this works. I picked up a new iMac, and I want to give our Vista desktop to my daughter in her room. It does not have wireless capabilities, but we have a wireless network through our wireless modem that I use for Ds, ps3, and ipad.

    The fellow at Best Buy told me the best thing to get to make our original vista pc to connect wirelessly was through an apple Airport Express. If i understand this right I would do the following to get it to work:

    Plug the Airport Express into an outlet in her room, and connect an ethernet cable from the pc to the connection on the Express. I would hope it's as simple as running the disc that came with the express, and it would find my wireless network connection that I use with everything to connect to the Express? I really want to keep this as basic and simple as possible, and I'm really hoping this is the best solution.

    Thanks for any info on this....
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    It's called client mode. Any wireless router would work as well.
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    you can, just set the express to join your network, and check the "allow ethernet clients" box.

    you'll want to download airport utility on the Vista computer before you disconnect it from the network though so you can set up the express.

    you can get a USB wireless card, for half the price, if not less, and accomplish the same thing.
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    A USB WiFi adapter should cost around $25.
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