Using Airport Extreme as 'Booster'

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    If my questions sound stupid or naive, forgive me.

    I gotta admit, finding the answer to some questions is tough. Any help will be appreciated!! I often feel like I am messing around with old arcane DOS configurations.
    I am on a network that uses a D-Link 2XR router. Laptop is PowerBook G4.

    I have a weak area that I would like to boost the signal to.

    I went to see the “genuises’ at the local Apple store, but the advice I was given did not apply (At least I couldn’t find applicable commands.) They told me to choose the command/menu item, “Join available network”. I cannot find it anywhere.

    I have an unused Airport Extreme Base Station (54 Mbps) (NOT an Express!) .

    When I plug it in for power (no cables, just AC), it gives off a unique, very steady & powerful signal called Managed Apple Network 310d51. iStumbler (the App.) also picked up a weaker signal -- from the D-Link network.

    So the long & short of it..

    1. How do I use Airport Extreme Base Station as a booster and employ that strong signal?

    2. Do I join the ‘Apple’ signal or the old D-Link signal?

    Whenever I tried to connect to the Internet via the Apple signal, no browser could connect.

    All computers are running System 10.4.11 and pre-Intel.

    Thank you!!!
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