Using an iOS device with a monitor and keyboard at work?

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by jeff123816, Jul 7, 2016.

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    I'm not sure how feasible this is but I'd really appreciate some suggestions. I work for an organization that locks down virtually everything on our work PCs. The public internet is completely blocked. We don't even have access to the entire MS Office suite- only Word and Excel. Everything else is homebrew intranet and emulated COBOL and ancient DOS applications I would love to use modern apps for personal task management and such as Wunderlist to remind myself of deadlines and taking notes in Onenote/Evernote, etc. I can do these basic things on my iPad mini 2 or iPhone 6S but, the small screen and touch interface are not conducive to work. We've got a lot of extra monitors and keyboards laying around the office though, so I've been wondering- would it be possible to for me to connect my iPhone/iPad to a VGA monitor, keyboard or mouse? I know that Apple sells a lightning port to VGA adaptor but I'm not sure if external video display is limited to specific apps. Would it be possible to do this and also connect (wirelessly or via USB) to a keyboard and mouse? Or perhaps there's a better solution than an iOS device for this…

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    You can connect the iPad to a VGA monitor via an adapter. You can also connect a keyboard via bluetooth, however there is no mouse support so you would still have to use the main screen to get most things done.

    Honestly Android and W10 are much more flexible in this area.
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    iOS is designed for touch, so there's no need for a mouse. You can of course connect a keyboard via Bluetooth.

    A larger iPad or iPad Pro would take care of the need for a monitor and more screen real estate.

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