Using an iPad 3rd Gen. charger to charge an iPhone 6s Plus

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sultanoflondon, Nov 5, 2017.

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    Hi all,

    It is fairly common knowledge that using an iPad 3rd Gen. charger to charge an iPhone 6s Plus will charge the iPhone faster.

    But is this harmful to the battery? I have heard mixed reviews and Apple has not endorsed or condemned it, only saying that iPhone and iPad chargers are compatible with the opposite.

    Anyone able to shed any light on this?
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    No it is not harmful.

    No these are not chargers. They are power adapters. Charger is located inside each iPhone.

    Apple itself states any power adapter may safely be used.

    The charging circuit inside the iPhone decides how much current to draw from the power adapter based on charge state of battery. As battery goes above 75% the current draw is reduced until at 100% only trickle charge is intermittently drawn.

    Apple designed it so if you use their power adapters and their cable you can’t mess it up. Some after market power adapters adapters may be safe but not all. Buyer be ware.
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    It will not harm the iPhone in any manner. Yes, the charger is designed to provide a much higher charge but once you connect it to an item that uses a much smaller charge rate, the charger will compensate and only deliver the maximum the iPhone can take. It simply will not oversaturated the iPhone’s battery.
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    Great thank you both very much!

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