Using an iPad to record customer data


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Jun 16, 2008
I wondered if anyone here uses their ipad in their business to capture customer information.

for example:
you hand the customer the ipad and they enter all their personal information (name, address etc)

This is then saved and you have a digital record.

any tips on what to use?



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May 10, 2011
You can build a form in Numbers pretty easily on the iPad. If you are just looking to get simple information that would work well. If you want a more complicated form I use an app called FormConnect that works well. You can build any form you want and then export it as a .csv.

The only problem with both of these and possibly Bento is that they would have access to all of the other customers information if they just left the form.

I remember finding a YouTube video of how to make a form in Numbers on the iPad when I was looking for a form generator.
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