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  1. AdamZ macrumors regular

    Feb 15, 2004
    Hey folks. After looking at the new features comming in the new Tiger version of Xserver, I am looking to find real world information regarding using a server in my expanding home office.

    Information that I have found has leaned more toward Network Administrators, and not a simple minder architect like me. I need straight forward info and insight as to what can having a server do for a growing bussiness. I am looking to set up an office in my home after recently graduating from school, and I hope that with hard work it will continue to expand. I see at least 4 users right away, with maybe only 2 or three computers. Right now I have the rev a flat panel iMac, and a 12 inch Powerbook.

    Before seeing the Xserver software improvements, I had never even thoght about purchasing an Xserve. I thought that they were something for very large corporations or those who needed a lot of power for rendering and video. The need for a server seemed irrelevant. However from the information I did come across from Apple's website kinda made it seem like running your own IT department using Xserve was something that just about any of us could do. Is this really the case.

    Our office will need some power. I currently have my sights set on a newDual G5 for work in Vectorworks a CAD and rendering program, Final Cut, soon to come out Motion, as well as all the other programs that come with running a bussiness and keeping track of projects, customers, and the like. But the idea of a central computer might make our small company seem bigger than it will be. Again I have no idea nor can I seem to find any information regarding how to use an Xserve to set up a small home office situation in a real world situation. What are its benifets? How easy is the server and it's stored information to maintain? Are there any other Architect who could share an example of their office standards? Again all the information I found serarching was that Xserve was cool and Network administrators should be smiling, but nothing to help the average user interested in using one. I saw the new iChat features, but how do the basics work? Email? Web Page hosting? file sharing? ect. Will the power of the Dual G5 Xserve translate accross the network? Meaning will a college be able to render a scene on his ibook using the Xserves resources for speed? I don't want to buy a G5 if a server is what I really need.

    Thanks again in advanced everybody. I love our little community here. Please let me know of any of your personal experiences, or point me to any links or places I could go to learn more. Information for idiots to IT like me prefered.
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    May 19, 2002

    Getting Started with Mac OS X Server.pdf

    If you are debating whether to get an XServe, you can try out Mac OS X Server on your iMac if you want ($499 for 10 user) and use that as a Server for awhile to see how much it really helps and how you do at managing the Server.

    Apple is working hard at making easier to share resources, it's on the way, but I don't know how much is available for you specific business use right now.

    And don't forget learning that accounting package now, it'll be harder later.

    There are some good small business packages.
  3. niki_bg macrumors newbie

    Aug 18, 2004
    Hey Adam.
    there are a lot of advantages in having xserve in your office.
    Esspecially if you have more than 3 emploees and you want to set up bullet proof standarts that nobody than the admin can change, Being able to make a centralized backups, making sure that everyone from the team is working from the latest file, being able to access your projects, databases etc while away from the office.
    Again you can do that with almost any G4 or G5 computer, but the xserve has all of the watchdogs turned on, so in case the computer goes down for some reason it gets automaicly back up, you can set it up with a reliable UPS backup power supply, running your own mail and web, setting up accounts for your clients to access their process pages online etc.

    If you want more info let me know in this board and I will try to answer. you can also hire me to setup some of the stuff for you. Another good news when using xserve is that the administration can be done from any remote location. I was laying at the beach the other day fixing the mess at the office. I love it!

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