Using Apple TV on hotel/resort WiFi - entering passkey

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by midloman, Jun 30, 2013.

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    I've brought my 3rd gen Apple TV on vacation at a timeshare resort. The resort has wireless, and i've had not problem with my Macbook and iPad. The ATV refuses to communicate over the network.

    The network is one of these where your Wifi sees it and says it's joined. But the first time you open your browser, you get redirected to another page for attwifi for you to accept terms and enter the passkey. Until you do this, no other apps will be able to connect.

    I think this is what is keeping my Apple TV from working. It finds an joins attwifi, bu it never prompts me for the passkey. It never updates the date/time, and it will not send/receive any data, even though the signal is nice and strong.

    Anyone know how I can get the Apple TV to work? Is there another way to enter the attwifi passcode on the Apple TV so it will connect?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You could share internet from your laptop by either wiring in the laptop and wifi to ATV or the reverse.
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    Here is what I do and so far it has worked for me. Every hotel I have stayed in recently had a wired port in addition to WiFi. I bring an Airport Express with me and plug it into the wired port and create my own wireless network in the room. The first time I use my iPhone, iPad or laptop to sign into the hotel network which is then locked to the Airport Express. I can now use any device with the local network I created without being required to sign in again. The Apple TV works fine as well.

    I do this primarily because WiFi is often spotty depending on the room, and this approach gave me much better reception. It also has the benefit of not being required to sign in for every device you use.

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