Resolved Using BootCamp on Mac Pro with Software RAID

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    I have 4 drives in my Mac Pro of unequal capacity. I have two RAID 0 sets (drives 1 and 2 for one set and 3 and 4 for the other set), but a couple of the drives have leftover partition space in addition to the partition set up for the software RAID.

    When I try to use Boot Camp Assistant, it says that Boot Camp is not supported on RAID sets, but I have partitions that are not set up in RAID. Can I safely boot from the Windows installation DVD and install it on one of those partitions?

    In case it's easier to see this way, here is my Disk Utility report. If possible, I'd like to split the Extra Space 500GB partition and install Windows on a 100GB piece of that.
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    May 14, 2013
    Answer is no. Windows installer refuses to install on any partitions I make. Oh well.
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    You may have too many partitions for Windows to deal with (4 max I believe).

    I have built a combo 2 SSD OS X RAID-0/Windows which worked fine on the internal bays of the Mac Pro, but wouldn't work on a PCIe card (couldn't get the Windows side to boot properly).

    I used a 512GB and 256GB SSD. I partitioned the larger SSD in half, and RAID-0 that half plus the other 256GB SSD for a 512GB RAID-0 OSX drive. The other half of the larger SSD was for bootable Windows 8. Both operating systems are fully bootable and I have a OS X RAID-0 and Windows totally contained on 2 physical drives.


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