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    Oct 27, 2011
    I have two personal laptops, a work laptop and an iPhone and am trying to make sure my work and personal data gets to the right places.

    A few months ago I left a corporation I'd been at for 12 years and had 12 years of mail, contacts and calendar information to somehow keep using on my iPhone without a corporate Exchange account. I painstakingly moved everything to my Windows Live account and now use that as my Exchange on my iPhone, but now I'm back in the corporate world and need to use a corporate exchange account again.

    How can I do this without moving everything back and forth? I don't want to depend on a corporate exchange account to keep all of my data, especially considering this current job is short term.

    Best idea I came up with so far is to use work exchange on my work laptop and add my live account into outlook so i can see my personal calendar and contacts. There is a grey area between work and personal contacts and calendars, as there is for many people, so i can't just keep these systems totally separated. I guess the toughest problem is how do I get my work exchange mail/contacts/calendar into my iphone while still using my Live account as my iphone exchange account?

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