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    I have a new iPad. On the advice of a genius at the nearest Apple store - 2 hours away, I went to Best Buy and looked at Otter Boxes. (I still have the one I bought years ago for my original Palm Pilot). I ended up purchasing the Griffin defender.

    Here's the problem - I want to be able to hand my iPad to another exhibitor at the dog show to film my competition runs for training purposes. This is quite common at shows, and you see a ton of iPads in use - all out of the cases. Which makes me nervous. So, the defender or otter box seemed like a good idea. However, the camera port opening cover would NOT stay in its fixed spot and would keep coming loose and covering the camera eye, so you get a black screen. Yes, I could cut of the port cover but that seems silly. So I will return the defender tomorrow.

    So that again leaves me on the hunt for something to protect my iPad at shows. Problem is that many of the folio type cases seem to cover the camera eye when you fold the front cover to the back. So do I go with just a back cover for the weekends that I am competing, or do I just take of the cover to hand the iPad to someone (which I saw several people do today), or is there a cover that I haven't looked at that will meet my needs. Ideally providing an angle option for when I am typing in my results, and not cover the camera eye on the back when filming is attempted.
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    Ha! :D Dog agility is an awesome and fun sport.

    I had/ have the same questions. I have narrowed my choices down to five cases, listed below in order of preference:

    1. Seidio Active
    2. Ballistic Tough Jacket
    3. Speck CandyShell Wrap (Coming soon)
    4. MacAlly HardShell (Coming soon)
    5. Switcheasy Cara (Coming soon)

    I wanted something that's very protective too. When you're dealing with a hyped up dog, and trying to manage treats, leash, toys and the dog itself, holding on to an iPad and not worrying about it is a necessity for us. The cases listed above seem to provide the ideal combination of protection and accessibility.

    If you do decide to get a case that's a folio type, you can always just let the screen cover hang down while the person is recording you. It's not going to hurt anything, I would think.

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