Using DD-WRT to bridge AEBS (Or Vice-Versa)

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Apocrathia, Apr 30, 2010.

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    I'm moving into a new apartment soon, and I really don't want to worry with running wires again. I want to setup my linksys WRT610N (running DD-WRT) in my office, and connect it to my AEBS which will sit in my living room, connected to my gateway.
    I initially tried to do the reverse of this, and have the AEBS join the DD-WRT network, but it didn't seem to want to do that at all. So I'm trying to join the DD-WRT box to the AEBS network. I'm just having trouble on defining the security settings.
    I'm using WPA2 Personal on my AEBS. What encryption algorithm does the AEBS use? My wrt gives me options for aes, tkip, or both.
    Any ideas?
    Also, if you know to join an aebs to a dd-wrt network, even better
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    The main thing is to set your Airport up as a WDS device, rather than with the normal settings. Search the "Mac Peripherals" forum for WDS and you should get some helpful results.

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