Using "enter" key sends messages in Messages app


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Mar 28, 2008
Manchester UK
Apparently the enter key now sends the message in the messages app.

How do you now create a line break in your iMessage or has that feature been taken away from us?


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Apr 12, 2012
there's a chance that person meant you can send using enter on a physical keyboard. however even in this case you'd still hope adding a new line and sending the message were both available - perhaps it's shift+enter for one of them?

the reason it might be this is because iOS 9 has introduced better support for physical keyboards, and not being able to send a message with a physical keyboard has always been a problem in previous versions i believe.


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Dec 20, 2013
Hmmm. The first topic on this forum must be wrong then. You are using the iOS 9 beta?
iOS 9 does not have an enter key in the messages app. Just a return key. The key functions as normal by creating another line.
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