using gophone sim w iphone & cant access internet-AT&T asking 4 IMEI- now what?

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    I may just be paranoid but I want to know the facts before I tell AT&T anything! So I appreciate anyone's help who has credible knowledge on the matter....

    I apologize in advance for the semi long explanation, but I didn't want to leave any details out , no matter how minor, incase they are relevant.

    OK, I bought an iphone from a friend who used to have it connected with an AT&T contract, so I am sure the IMEI is in their system already. After acquiring the iphone, I called AT&T to ask them what my options were in order to get it connected but before I had a chance to, I found out that gophone sim cards work with iphones. So instead of inquiring about service, I just called and told them that I bought a phone compatible only with AT&T service and I needed to order a SIM card. He didn't even ask me what kind of phone I had, nor did he tell me the SIM card was for use with a gophone, or that a gophone (and the SIM card) were both for use with their pre-paid service. (for all he knew, I was completely unaware of this)

    My point being, had I just been ignorant to the fact and called up wanting to order a sim card for my iphone, he failed to inform me that AT&T discourages this and that SIM cards are phone specific, etc... but he just took down my name, address and credit card number, told me the card was $5.95 + free shipping and that it would arrive in a couple of days. He issued me a phone number and told me when the card arrives, to pop it into my phone then call or go online to activate the it. He didn't even mention needing to give my IMEI when calling either and it turns out, they didn't even ask for it during the activation process- although it was automated, it still didn't prompt me to enter it at any time.

    Anyways, everything was fine and dandy until I tried to access the internet.
    It had been letting me connect via my wifi connection at home, but when I tried to connect in the car, a message box pooped up that said, "could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data carrier"

    I checked the network configurations and I don't have the capability to access the apn, that option isn't even visible to me, only vpn and wifi.
    I turned of the wifi on the iphone, I tried everything because I didn't want to have to call AT&T because I knew they'd ask what kind of phone I have.

    The "E" for their provider EDGE displays in the upper left hand corner by the signal bars, so I know it at least acknowledges I have a data plan. I called AT&T and when I call it says I have a zero balance in my account and that I have used up my 200 MB data, but I haven't even used it at all. when I accessed wifi from my house it was just for a second to see if it'd let me connect and then I powered the phone off, so it didn't even accidentally connect.

    When I called AT&T they said they show that I HAVE NOT used any of my data, and that I have a full month of talk and text coverage, when I asked why does the automated account information say I have used it all up if I haven't, she didn't provide a clear and concise answer, just something about that being a default message until I configure my phone.

    I have called twice, and the first time I acted like I was at work and had to go when she asked for my IMEI, the 2nd time I contacted them thru live chat and they asked for it, and I said that I didn't have the phone with me that I forgot it out in the car and told them I would call back with it...

    I heard that if AT&T/Apple find out an iphone is using a simcard that isn't an a sim for the iphone they will block service to the phone is that true? so even if it'd an AT&T sim but for gophone, they won't allow it? then why do they allow it to even run the phone at all???

    I don't know what to do because i HAVE to have internet on this phone, but I am too afraid to give them my IMEI, don't they have access to it anyway just because my phone is connected to their service?

    Do i HAVE to give them the IMEI in order for the internet to work? I heard that upon sign up people were giving them fake IMEI's or just all 00000's
    but that won't work if the internet connection relies on it,... why do they need the IMEI, cant the EDGE service detect my IMEI from within my phone? As you can see I am totally clueless... I also wondered if the firmware is blocking my sim... I have OS 4 in my phone, I don't know if it's an unlocked or jailbroken phone or not, but there is an application on there from Cydia , so it's possible.

    I guess my biggest question is, what does that error message that pops up when I try to go online mean? and is there anyway to get around telling AT&T my IMEI and that i have an iphone? is there anyway I can bypass this and fix it myself? Please advise, cause I have no clue and I'm totally nervous to tell them in fear they might yank my service...

    thanks for any suggestion, advice and knowledge in advance, I appreciate it greatly :eek:)
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    Sep 20, 2007
    Stopped reading after

    You have to go to on your iPhone, download the AT&T or Cingular APN to your phone, and data should work (provided you are subscribed to a data plan).
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    Oct 13, 2010
    Arizona, USA
    REALLY? that's IT? I am a paid subscriber of the data plan :)
    this isn't a hacked program or anything that will cause my apps or other functions to stop working? the reason I ask is because why am I downloading
    it from and not from apple's or AT&T's site? I just don't want to
    screw up my phone. please let me know if it's safe, etc...

    Thanks so much!

    oh! hahaha! I just noticed that you wrote "stopped reading after this" hahaha so that's pretty much the problem then huh?

    OK 2nd Edit!! hahaha! got to the site you recommended and saw this: "Change your APN without breaking your iPhone"

    so nevermind, that pretty much answered my question! thank you SO much for your help! you're a doll!!!
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    Oct 13, 2010
    Arizona, USA
    OK, i'm confused again! :confused:

    on the site it says:

    Welcome to Unlockit NZ

    This service allows you to change the APN (Carrier Settings) on your iPhone/iPad 3G so you can use unofficial carrier sims with your device.

    I DO have an AT&T Sim card, for gophone in my iphone, so will this work for me since it's not from an unofficial carrier?

    also, how can I tell if I have a regular iphone, 3G or 3GS ???


    EDIT: OK! this TOTALLY worked!! thaaaaaaank you!!! so much!! (I found my model of iphone too :)
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    Dec 25, 2012
    using internet on iphone

    Hi there, I am in the same situation as Gettup, but when I go to the website, I can only get to the main screen, where it says iPhone APN Changer, and at the end it says "Click on the icons below to choose what you wish to do" and from the options Home, Create APN, Submit APN, Promotions, and Help, I do not know what to choose or what the next step is. I did the create APN and an icon appeared under my iPhone utilities, but I will really appreciate if someone tells me what the next step is. By the way, I have the $50 goPhone from AT&T and the I am trying to make the internet work on an iPhone 3. Calling and texting are working exellent.
    Thank you in advance for your replay

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