HomePod Using HomePod with an iPad.

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    Oct 10, 2012
    My setup is obviously an HomePod with Apple Music and a iPad Pro with a keyboard. The ipad is always on my coffe table within arms reach.

    Now if i play my music via Airplay from the iPad I can control the music by either just touching the space bar and the music controls appear on the lock screen or if using the iPad by dragging down from the top.

    But if I play my music by saying Hey Siri these options do not work you have to go into control panel and press on nowplaying to select HomePod or if using the iPad going into Music app to get controls up!

    I know this is being picky but its a lot easier to control using airplay and I personally cannot hear any difference in quality. Also I am not a big fan of talking to tech especially if other people are about!

    If using Airplay you can still using Siri to control the music if you want to.

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